Voice For Joanie


I thought of a few things I want to share with you. Last year, I began having problems with depression, after I finally recognized that I needed help, I went to speak with a psychologist severalt times during the summer, and then a psychiatrist for the first time. I used “needed” the “mic box” (Chattervox) to speak every word. I was prescribed the proper medication and overcame my depression.

I had an old friend who spent time with me. He was able to work with me on the computer, teaching me how to better use my computer, my software program, found the art software that I now use. I used the “needed”, “mic” to communicate every word. This art software has allowed me to continue doing artwork, when using my arms became almost impossible.

The microphone has helped me communicate more with my family, especially all my nieces. It has allowed me a chance to speak a little when several people are in the conversation, or when I’m outdoors. . It’s very helpful when I’m having a day with throat pain or weakness.

It’s very hard when you have a lot to say, and you can’t express yourself the way you want to.

Thank you, Tom